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Ultrasound Guided Injections

Had an injection before? Then potentially it is suitable for you to self-refer, otherwise some people prefer to talk to their GP, Consultant or Physiotherapist and ask them to make a referral.
Ultrasound scanner

Targeted Pain Relief

Not sleeping? Pain inhibiting movement and recovery? Tried lots of different medications for pain*. Sometimes a direct joint injection of anti-inflammatory medication can break the cycle of pain and get you back on course with rehabilitation and normal movement.
Ultrasound guided injection into shoulder

*Pain medications often have side effects that are potentially upsetting your stomach, causing constipation and loading kidneys/liver.

David Quaile
David Quaile BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy
- Musculoskeletal Medicine (MSc)
- Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound
- Independent Prescriber
- Injection Therapy

Why Use Our Service?

Over 15 years experience in Musculoskeletal conditions and  Injection Therapy within the NHS.

Highly experienced MSK ICATS clinician.  
Special interest in MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound and Injection Therapy.
Speedy access to a Physiotherapy led approach, that explores all aspects of non-surgical management.

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